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Emek Machinery had been active in industrial machinery manufacturing since 1975. As the brand witnessed all development and change in the sector, the brand is aware of current industrial needs and transformation. With this awareness, based on current manufacturing model, manufactured industrial machinery are optimised in efficiency for institutions with heavy industry and high-technology infrastructure.

Machinery Needs “Emek”

Emek Machinery manufactured press machinery for automotive sector as well as electric and electronic industry, plastic industry, house appliances industry, and in many others. Quality, lifecycle, and material efficiency of these machinery are extremely important. Emek Machinery closely follows, and analysis needs of these sectors and provides supports for offering correct machinery and during manufacturing process.

Emek Machinery works with high engineering experience and enables large industrial institutions competition on global markets to manufacture with national technologies. Thus, Emek Machinery will decrease external dependence of these companies and enable them to offer affordable products. Machinery that has national technology manufactured by Emek Machinery with high engineering and craftsmanship offers various benefits to institutions to move forward in global competitive market.

Quality is Reward

Emek Machinery focused on quality at every stage of manufacturing. Quality of raw material, craftsmanship, and design for machinery manufacturing shape manufacturing activities with modern and global norms. Emek Machinery closely follows constantly changing and developing manufacturing processes and emphasises R&D work to minimise costs and machinery manufacturing process. The company has dynamic operational process by leading innovation and supporting change.

Secret of Success Is in Emek

Emek Machinery is one of the leader brands of the sector. Company is thankful for this leading position to the team devoted to development and innovations of this era. Stable advancement and planned rise are corporate values in Emek Machinery. The company continues to offer added value to Turkish national economy and create employment options with new investments.

Emek Makine

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