Why Us?

Why Us?

Manufacturing models are changing around the world and institutions that can fit to this change survives. Main factor that effects changes in manufacturing model is positioning consumer as the subject. Different from past manufacturing periods, today, consumers prefer products that creates value. They want to buy products that can meet their desires, emotions, and belonging. Institution that are closed to these innovations or delay transformation will fail to develop manufacturing models suitable for consumption behaviours.

Emek Machinery reflects the future

Institutions that change manufacturing types can develop products in fast, serial, affordable that generate a sense of belonging. With increased competition, emphasising innovation and change in manufacturing process is no longer a preference. At this point, Emek Machinery manufactures functional and high-quality machinery for industrial institutions by analysing changes from past until today and combining industrial machinery experience of 30-years with dynamism that reflects the future.

Emek gives strength

New generation Emek represents smart machinery with high-technology. On contrary to analogous machinery of the past, machinery models that can program for various models to be manufactured and each model desired by manufacturer can be manufactured. Thus, requirements of the modern era can be met. It is impossible to sustain uniform manufacturing system with old machinery and equipment. therefore, Emek Machinery manufactures new generation industrial machinery for institutions that desire to adapt modern manufacturing models.

Local and national manufacturing

An important point to be mentioned and emphasised regarding new generation manufacturing model is national and local technologies. Although the world is globalising, due to intense competition, countries may refrain exporting their models and limit any exportation activities. To prevent any adverse effect on strong and local brands on international market, adopting local technology is necessary. This way, it is possible to talk about completely independent manufacturing model.

Solution at world standards

Emek Machinery decreases foreign dependency in press machinery and provides machinery produced with local awareness and at world standards to domestic investors. Additionally, machinery manufactured with local engineering opportunities are distributed on international markets. Emek Machinery adds value to national economy and presents machinery that will meet the needs of different period with new generation standards, technologies, approaches, and movements in machinery manufacturing process.

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